The Cora Sun Drop Diamond

The Cora Sun Drop Diamond

coraThe Cora Sun-Drop is among the most stunning diamonds in the world, so rare that it is almost impossible to determine its value. Which is why no-one has even tried.

The gem arrived at London’s Natural History Museum where it is to be displayed  in The Vault.

At 110-carats, the Cora Sun-Drop is roughly the size of a woman’s thumb and is largest vivid yellow pear-shaped diamond known in the world.


It has been lent to the museum by leading US diamond manufacturer Cora International for display to visitors for a limited time from tomorrow.

Its unusual yellow colour stems from the very small percentage of nitrogen within the carbon structure of the stone.

Diamonds with a strong saturated colour represent only a tiny percentage of all natural diamonds, and when it more than 100 carats, it takes on a historic significance as so few exist.

Click the link to read the full article from Daily Mail.


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