Can I Make My Costume Jewelry Valuable? Yes you can!

20140512-113459.jpgWe’ve all got a favourite cheapie piece of jewelry. For some of us it’s a piece scored at a bargain.  For others, it’s a copy of a much coveted piece of designer jewelry.

A client recently contacted me about re-making a piece of jewelry her mother’s worn for years since it was gifted from daughter to mom.

The rectangular pendant is base metal with an etching;  under magnification, it looks a lot like daffodils.

20140512-113359.jpgThey asked if the base metal piece, which was wearing out — and had even been re-coated with silver nail polish and even spray paint –could be remade in silver.  But how to recreate the pendant EXACTLY?  The answer is a model, and Precious Metal Clay.

20140512-113423.jpgThe plan is to remake the impression in clay (my choice was basic modelling clay such as Fimo or Sculpey III), then harden that clay, and use it as a mould to press in the pure fine silver clay.

So far, so good.. it took a few tries to get the mould impression right; and also required cleaning of the layers of paint from some areas of the original. Once the impression was made, I used tools to deepen and more clearly define the image.

20140512-113345.jpgNow it will dry, and be fired late this week. Results to come….










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