Creating: Tiny Handmade Beads on Argentium Silver

20140512-074042.jpgI wanted another small, delicate silver necklace that’s wearable every day, with everything.  Last time I was working with pure metal clay, I fashioned these tiny square beads out of the leftover clay.  Once fired they’re beautiful and shiny, and very malleable. I affixed them to a lovely Argentium Silver Chain. Want to get one?  Click here!

What’s Argentium Silver?  This is how it’s described by

Argentium’s 935 and 960 grades set new purity standards for silver.  Argentium is always purer than traditional sterling silver.

Plating is prone to wear and tear and is commonly used on silver items to give the temporary illusion of purity.  Argentium is the natural colour of pure silver through and through.

Argentium silver is brighter than platinum, white gold and traditional sterling.  It is the whitest of them all.

Argentium silver is low maintenance, easy to care for and simple to clean.

Argentium guarantees traceability of its raw silver.  It is certified that Argentium is produced using only recycled silver.






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