Mystery Bracelet: Does this look like a reasonable copy?

Since I can’t find out who made the Mystery Bracelet I’ve been working on, I’ve decided to just try my best the re-create it, in smaller ring form.

Using sheets of Precious Metal Clay, or PMC3, I wrapped a piece of leather, dried it then fired it.  There’s a couple places where the clay cracked because it wasn’t wrapped smoothly and carefully, but overall the ring has the same weight and feel, as well as hollow ring to it as the bracelet.  I’ve obviously left off the decorative wire wrapping to save on materials costs.   The holes can be patched, either with more clay, or thin sheet soldered to the piece.  That’s a step that will get done next week when more clay arrives.  At that point I may also do some wire wrap just to see.





The copy, in metal clay, before it was fired.


During firing. You can just see it in the mini kiln.

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