Another Jewelry Mystery: What is this Odd Necklace?

20140428-075425.jpgIt seems I’ve become a magnet for jewelry mysteries lately.  After talking about my mystery bracelet at a dinner party, a friend pulled out a strange necklace her grandmother had given her.

It’s gold toned, but it’s not gold, and doesn’t appear gold plated.

The piece looks very mechanical, with a bent hook closure, a slide that adjusts the chain length, as well as a soft square at the opposite end. In short, it’s got a lot going on.  It almost looks as though it could be a piece of an old grandfather clock.20140428-075356.jpg

The piece has a mark on it, which I couldn’t read in the candlelight, so I snapped a photo for closer inspection on a bigger screen at home.  Zoomed in it appears to read SWANK. A quick search reveals Swank is a jewelry company that’s been in business since the 1800’s. They manufactured women’s jewelry only briefly in the 80’s, so given that, and it’s popular in the 80’s gold tone colour, that appears to be its vintage.  A little more research shows the plant closed in 2000, but was bought by Randa Accessories in 2012.

The jewelers stamp on the clasp: SWANK






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