Can I Remake my Inexpensive Costume Jewelry, into Something Valuable?

20140428-071817.jpgI’ve taken on  a new project this week.  I was contacted by a woman who had gifted her mom a pendant.  It was made of base metal; an inexpensive melange of a bunch of lower-cost metals. describes base metals as “the opposite of precious metals (gold, platinum, palladium, and silver). They are much more economical to use than precious metals because the elements that make up these metals are more commonly found. Some examples of base metals include copper, zinc, nickel, and aluminum. Other than the price, another big difference between precious metals and base metals is that base metals will tarnish (or oxidize) a lot faster.”

Her mom loves the pendant and wears it every day, but ocean swims, daily wear and a weaker product has taken a toll on the piece.  How to fix it and save it?  Re-make it in silver!

I’l make an impression of the piece in clay to create a mould.  Then pure silver PMC clay will be used to replicate the impression. Once fired, the piece will be much more durable, beautiful and valuable than the original, but still maintain its exact characteristics.

Can you do this with a piece you love?  Message me to inquire!






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