Mystery Bracelet – Detective Work Begins…

ImageSo if you’ve read my post about this mysterious bracelet I’ve been given to repair, you’ll know I’m struggling to figure out how best to take care of it.  I’ve looked all over the internet, consulted other jewelers, and no one can tell me exactly how this lovely piece of jewelry was made.

I have my suspicions; I’ve been wondering if it’s a leather  core with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) covering it.  So I’ve decided to try to replicate it and see if my results come out similar to the Mystery Bracelet.  For these experimental purposes, I’ll be making a ring, to save expensive materials.

20140424-172241.jpg20140424-172229.jpgI started by finding some scrap leather, and cutting it to size.  Since I’m experimenting, I taped it together in the shape of a loop or ring.

Working quickly, I rolled out some sheets of PMC, and carefully wrapped the leather in wide strips.  It was tricky to get it covered, especially because the seams were difficult to seal.

I wasn’t too careful about the wrapping technique, after all my mystery bracelet is very flowing and uneven.

A few days of drying the clay as recommended showed a few small cracks.  I used slip (a thick mixture of water and dissolved clay) to patch it.


I’m obviously not wrapping it in wire, like the bracelet, mainly because I don’t want to waste any more silver than necessary.

How will this turn out?  I’ll be firing this weekend.. Stay tuned..









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