Mystery Bracelet; What is it, How is it Made, and How to Fix it?

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A client gave me this bangle for repair.


It’s a beautiful smooth, free-form silver, stamped 925, with wire wrapping around the outside. It is tearing along the edges in some places, but I can’t tell how it’s made and thus how to repair it. In a couple of the torn areas, there’s a soft brown substance inside, and the bracelet sounds hollow when you tap it. I wonder; Could it be leather in the core? Wood? How would you get the silver to cover it so nicely and evenly? It’s heavy, but not as heavy as you’d expect if it were solid silver.

It’s a gorgeous piece, but I’m not sure how to proceed with any repair. I’ve been asking around if anyone recognizes this style, or can educate me about how it’s made or how best to repair it.. so far: no clues.

The only other clues I have…

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