After a Century, Riches Still Flow from Cullinan Mine

blue diamondSouth Africa’s Cullinan Mine could be called the greatest treasure trove the world has ever known and, 111 years after its first diamonds were found, it is still yielding major gems.

Last week, Petra Diamonds, which acquired the mine from De Beers in 2008, unveiled a 29.6 carat “exceptional” blue diamond expected to result in a “diamond of great value and importance,” according to the company.

The Cullinan Mine (known as the Premier Mine until 2005) first made news in 1905 when workers found a 3,106 carat stone. Named the Cullinan Diamond after the mine’s discoverer, the gem is – to this day ‒ the largest piece of diamond rough ever found.

The largest diamond cut from it was the Cullinan I, a 530 carat pear shape, probable D color, internally flawless diamond that rests atop the scepter in the crown jewels of Queen Elizabeth II. Through the years, the mine has yielded such famous diamonds as the Premier Rose (353.9 carats rough/137.02 carats polished), The Taylor-Burton (240.8 carats rough/69.42 carats polished), the Niarchos (426.5 carats rough yielded two polishes stones of 128.25 and 39.99 carats) and the Golden Jubilee (755.5 carats rough/545.67 carats polished).


Click the link above to read more from the GIA.


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