Lego Necklace: Just For Fun!

20140309-165846.jpgEngineering! Construction! Hand-eye coordination! These are the skills that come with the attraction and usage of the childhood favourite; Lego!
Just for fun: creations from tiny cubes and squares of sterlinged & silvered playtime goodness. Cast from the real blocks, these actual size 100% metal bricks will surprise and delight the Brick-fan.

These are NOT spray-painted plastic as you’ll find elsewhere. These are genuine precious metal sterling silver .925.

Get one here



7 thoughts on “Lego Necklace: Just For Fun!”

      1. A mould of the piece is created, usually using soft rubber. Then it’s cut open and jeweler’s wax is injected into the mould. Once you have your wax done, it’s suspended in “investment”, usually a plaster-like substance. Molten silver (or gold or whatever metal you like) is poured in, and it burns away the wax, taking its place, and re-creating the piece in metal. The was is ‘lost’ for good, giving the process its name.

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